You will be joining a group of therapists that work together as Independent Contractors.
We hire you using a 1099 form, and you are your own boss (with a network of help behind you).

This means that you set your own hours, and schedule.
In fact, you could keep working at other places until your Private Practice is built up.
Some of our therapists have had employment at two or three places at once while they built their business.

We are there to help you get your foot in the door with insurance companies, and to help you start advertising.
We will help you build a system that attracts the clients you want to work with, so that you can build a Private Practice, working for yourself, with the structure and support that we help you put into place.

This takes time, but the freedom that it provides is AMAZING!

Paychecks are simple.
It is based on how many clients you have. 
Once insurance starts paying
you can estimate your paycheck as follows:

Clients for month X $60 X 4.5 = Monthly Take-Home Paycheck
     So if you had an average of 6 clients per week:        6 X $60 X 4.5 = $1,260
     And if you had an average of 20 clients per week:     20 X $60 X 4.5 = $5,400

     We find 20 clients to be a good goal–
and also equivalent to a part-time job–
about 30 hrs week of work from home.

In the background we do a lot you don’t ever see.
The only expenses you will have are Taxes and any Advertising.
(and we can help you maximize your ads)

Here is sort-of how it works Behind-the-Scenes:

Our office program lets us know what clients you had that week.
Our billing department sends off the bill to the insurance for the maximum amount.
The insurance refuses to pay… and sends us a modified payment agreement.
They then sit on the check until they finally decide to pay us.
 The billing department stays on them and makes sure the checks get here in a reasonable time.
If insurance coverage changes for the Client — the billing department catches it and sends you an email on what to charge their Credit Card for.
They will also help you keep track of CoPayments and CoPayment Changes and who owes you money.
There is a 70/30 split on all payouts that happens automatically.
Meantime, we keep all your components working and up to date in the background.
The system pays you as the money comes in from CoPays and Private-Pay at the end of the month.
Insurance is payed out as it comes in from insurance companies.
Your expenses are all paid at that point, so that the check you get at the end of each month is ALL for You.

And that is all the Fine Print.
No Worries and No Fuss.

This is your chance to start a
Private Practice that is custom fit for you!
Let’s Get Started!